Washtech XU

RRP: $4,942.00

  • 60 and 120 second wash cycles
  • Washes up to 1,080 plates / 1,500 glasses per hour
  • Low hot water consumption of 2.2 litres per cycle
  • Washtech Hybrid Controls
  • Powerful 0.5HP dishwasher grade wash pump
  • QuikConnect (Plug & Play) installation supplied completed with water supply hose, detergent and rinse aid pumps with injector lines, drain pump with outlet hose, 15 ampplugset
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Reliable results through upper and lower wash/rinse arms with precision moulded jets
  • Easy-clean composite wash filter
  • Watermark approved backflow prevention
  • Comprehensive Moffat 5-2-1 warranty

Dishwasher / Glasswasher – 500mm

W: 575mm
D: 600mm
H: 845mm
Volume: 0.48m3
Packed Weight: 77kg

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